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Guaranteed messages delivery in a few seconds!

SMS notification/verification or confirmation messgaes for customers - it's sending informational/authorization messages to clients after the occurrence of a specified event, such as a transaction. The most common transactional SMS-messages it's messages about the status of the account after the bank transactions (SMS Banking), 2FA (two factor authentication) SMS messages with code to log into your account or to complete the action, as well as:

  • SMS to verify the user

  • SMS about taxi confirmation

  • SMS with a code to reset your password

  • Online shopping messages

  • Message about your order status

  • Delivery services messages

  • SMS with code to confirm the payment

  • And many other notifications


Since the confirmation messages are very sensitive to delays, as in many cases, an SMS confirmation active for a short time (for example, sms with the code for confirmation of payment, active only for a while). Therefore, Global Messaging offers professional services for the transmission of text-messages worldwide:

  • Instant delivery of SMS, the absence of so-called "queue" of the messages.

  • High capacity systems up to 8000 sms/sec.

  • Ability to synchronize with a client software (services) through the API (SMPP, HTTP and XML).

  • The ability to use alphanumeric name (company name instead of the sender's number).

  • Reliability and high availability system.

  • Software development for messaging services.

  • In house development and support team 24/7/365.


Our mobile services platform allow for companies, financial institutions, software developers, sales and marketers to send messages worldwide to it's customers. All that you need it's to connect to the Global Messaging mobile services cloud-platform by using one of our API (SMPP, HTTP, XML). We offer wide opportunities to connect your software to our platform for sending messages. You will be pleased surprised by the ease of integration with Global-Messaging system.


In case you need your own messaging software, we offer our wide experience in the software development for worldwide messaging according to the requirements of your company.