Mobile marketing

Use effective solutions for mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

Use effective solutions for mobile marketing!

Company Global Messaging provides short codes (numbers) to send messages.
Mobile marketing - this is your unique tool that allows new brands to enter the market and be as close as possible to the customer. Use mobile marketing technology for effective implementation of promotional activities and marketing campaigns:

  • Promotional and advertising campaign

  • Contests and Promotions

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Promotion of goods and services

  • Attraction of new clients

  • Interactive projects (vote using SMS technology)


Well designed mobile marketing strategy will build a truly "live" and long-term relationship with your customers.


Good to know!
Mobile marketing - it's more than just a one-off sales incentives. This's long-term strategy to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. It means that your efforts should be directed not only to the fact of a one-time purchase, but also to the fact that the customer uses your product as much as possible. This can be achieved by offering exceptional service and the corresponding benefits.


Mobile services greatly expand opportunities to build strong relationships with customers. Therefore extremely important to use this communication channel in the right way!Mobile marketing will allow you to communicate directly with the target audience, to attract the active interest of consumers to your products, services and obtain measurable results.


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