How to create bulk messaging task

It's easy with Global Messaging!

Organize bulk SMS messaging and quickly inform your customers about new offers, discounts and opportunities!


How to create an automated bulk messaging task in our service?


1. Prepare the customer base, which you will use to send messages.

Global Messaging Service allows you to quickly send large volumes of SMS to subscribers of all mobile operators.

2. Create the text of SMS message.

For SMS advertising it is important to make the correct text of the message, as a result of messaging campaign directly depends on the text which subscribers will receive in SMS.     For example, you can send to the client individual discounts, information about promotions or congratulation with holidays. You can also configured to send informational messages for the taxi services, SMS-codes, SMS-banking, SMS-confirmations, etc.
SMS is supported by the text of Latin and Cyrillic. A single SMS message can contain up to 160 Latin characters and 70 Cyrillic characters. Care should be taken when creating the text of SMS messages, as if the number of characters will be more than a single message, the payment will be charged as for two messages, etc.


3. Alpha name registration (if it necessary in your country, that depends of operator and can be agreed with your personal manager).

To send messages, you can select and register an alphaname - is the name that will be displayed instead of the SMS sender number. For example, you can specify in alphaname your company name or brand. Example, SMS using alpha name:

From: "Brand Name"
Text: "Dear Customer, December 20th will be held Christmas sale 90% of "Brand Name", 121 11th street, Spectrum Mall, tel: 2225544"


4. Contact with the manager of our Company.

Global Messaging has a direct connection to the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others) and in many countries around the world, thus we provide reliable SMS service and competitive rates. You do not need to communicate with foreign messaging companies for sending SMS to Europe or America, our company has offices in different countries, that allows to provide you with professional services for sending messages worldwide.
If you are planning to send large volume of messages or start big marketing campaign, contact us and our specialists will prompt you with the best option for your SMS business and will offer special prices.