API-interfaces for sending SMS-messages
Welcome to GET method SMS API documentation



Global Messaging API connects your website or application with mobile operators worldwide.

To use this API you need an account on global-messaging.ru.

Here we use HTTP with GET method, which is a request for the document. This GET requests are used for send and receive SMS-messages.

Send SMS

The following variables:

user: Login

pwd: Password

sadr: Sender

text: TEXT

dadr: Destination address

In response you’ll get an SMS ID (if sent to several phone numbers separated by comma, SMS ID in response will also be separated by commas. If the phone number was invalid – ID will be empty).


http://smpp.global-messaging.ru/sendsmsuser=login&pwd=password&sadr=sender&dadr=number&text =TEXT

Example on PHP:
$login = ‘xxxxx';
$password = ‘xxxxxx';
$srcaddr = urlencode(‘alphaname’);
$text = urlencode(‘TEXT’);
$num = ‘number';
$ch = curl_init();
$data = ‘http://smpp.global-messaging.ru/sendsms?
$urlData = urlencode( $data );
curl_setopt( $ch, CURLOPT_URL, $data );
curl_setopt( $ch,
$out = curl_exec( $ch );
echo $out;
curl_close( $ch );


Check status

The following variables:

user: login

pwd: password

smsid: ID SMS

Possible states in response:

- deliver;

- not_deliver;

- expired.

The status can also be blank, if the message is still in the queue or it has no status.



Possible errors during the query:

- invalid_login_passw ord: incorrect username or password

- account_blocked: account blocked

- invalid_request: invalid request

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