Bulk SMS messaging

Bulk SMS messaging is a fast, efficient and personal way to interact with your customers

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Bulk SMS messaging

Sending SMS to Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries and all over the world!

Bulk SMS is one of the most effective and cheaper way of interaction with your customers. In the world about 5 billion mobile subscribers and more than 90% of them read messages almost immediately after receiving, also the mobile phone is always with you, which increases the effect of SMS messaging.

Professional mobile services from the Global Messaging allow enterprises, retailers sellers or marketers send messages to clients around the world in seconds. All you need it's to connect to the Global Messaging mobile services platform.


Global Messaging offers different opportunities for bulk messaging:
- Sending SMS by using your customer database.
- SMS-communication/notification to customers (loyalty programs, bonuses, etc).
- Bulk messaging by using optional agreed customer database (SMS marketing, mobile advertising).

Bulk SMS is ideal for a variety of marketing activities (incentive programs, customer loyalty, brand awareness, etc).
High throughput, delivery reports, support long messages, alpha name possibility help to attract customers and increase their loyalty!


We have special offers for corporate and wholesale customers.


Couple of things that useful to know about SMS messaging in Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries and worldwide!


1. By sending SMS to client you place your brand, your company, your offers and discounts or services in the customers mobile phone that helps them to remember and just simply read necessary information from the messages when needed.


2. SMS interaction - is a great way to increase the loyalty of your customers, congratulate your customers on the birthdays or holidays (setup the required date and time, and our system will do this automatically), send reminders about remaining amount of bonuses on their loyalty cards, as well as inform about important news of your company.


3. Use Alpha name in bulk SMS, which will be displayed instead of the sender's number. This will help the customer even before reading the messages to understand that it came from your company.


4. Price of SMS messaging calculated individually depending on the amount of messages and other parameters, for example, needed amount of characters can be placed in one, two or three SMS messages depending on the amount of required information. The cost of bulk SMS messaging also depends on country and operator, where bulk SMS require to be sent.


5. Adjust the necessary time to send SMS messages!
You can set the sending time, when you want to start bulk messaging and our system will do this automatically for you!
Also on advertising bulk SMS messages spread restrictions such as messaging time, usually forbidden evening and night time, established by the legislation, so please be aware and send advertising messages in a day time.


6. What messages are prohibited for sending?
In bulk messaging prohibited messages that are contradict to the law, as well as international standards, contain financial fraud, threats, profanity, political propaganda, false information, etc.